MGA++ Gamma Ray Isotopic Ratio Actinide Analysis

MGA ++ for Nuclear Radiation SafeguardsMGA++ is a suite of three programs (MGA, U235 and MGAHI) for analysis of actinide spectra acquired by germanium radiation detectors. MGA++ is the result of years of continuing development at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The original MGA code was developed to determine plutonium isotopic abundances for gamma-ray data. MGA-B32 consists of an upgraded version of the original MGA code (which relies on the 100-keV region), U235, a uranium isotopic analysis code that uses gamma rays less than 300 keV, and MGAHI, a plutonium isotopic analysis code that uses the 200 keV–1 MeV energy region. The programs, requiring no special calibration sources or calculations, use only information obtained from the sample spectra to determine the isotopic ratios. MGA++ includes the control of the data collection, using any MCB, for one or two HPGe radiation detectors, including the Detective and Micro-Detective.
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    Model Description
    MGA-B32 MGA++ Safeguards Software
    MGA-U32 Update for MGA-B32
    MGA-G32 Documentation for MGA-B32