LVis Counting Laboratory Application Manager for GammaVision

LVis is an application manager software package designed to simplify the routine operation of GammaVision within a busy counting laboratory environment. All of the powerful features of the widely-used GammaVision analysis package are still available, but routine sample counting operations are greatly simplified. In addition, a number of new or enhanced features are added.
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    Model Description
    LVIS-B32 LVis Counting Laboratory Application Manager Software (Single user copy or first network copy).  Includes documentation and Binary Use License (BUL). Requires licensed copy of GammaVision.
    LVIS-A66-B32 Includes LVIS-B32 and latest version of  GammaVision software
    LVIS-A66-K32 Includes LVIS-B32 and upgrade of existing GammaVision to latest version
    Upgrade of LVIS-B32 to latest version. Requires BUL from extisting version of LVis.
    LVIS-N32 Additional Network Copy of LVIS-B32.  Includes BUL, disks, and documentation.  Requires previous purchase of LVIS-B32