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Multichannel Analyzers

Multichannel Analyzers (MCAs)
are the workhorse instruments in many scientific measurements; in in which the MCA was replaced by a small hardware component, (which was named a multichannel buffer research, teaching, and industry; for both nuclear and non-nuclear applications. The MCA, in simplest form, analyses a stream of voltage pulses and sorts them into a histogram or “spectrum” of number of events versus pulse-height which may often relate to energy or time of arrival. The stored spectrum may then be displayed and analyzed. Early commercial MCAs appeared in the late 1960’s as large and cumbersome power-hungry boxes with integral CRT displays.

The PC Revolution: In the 1980’s, ORTEC revolutionized the MCA world introducing PC based systems or “MCB”) and a software application which emulated the classical MCA functionality. The MAESTRO MCA Emulator and ORTEC MCB product line was born.

The Digital Revolution: By the mid 1990’s, in another ORTEC innovation, digital signal processing (DSP) technology was applied to the MCA function.

Today, ORTEC has the largest range of MCA instruments in the world in a variety of formats:

  • Basic Analog MCAs for routine applications:
    • Plug in card MCAs
    • Standalone USB Connected MCAs
    • NIM Modular MCAs
  • DIGITAL all-in-a-PMT-Base MCAs with Bias Supply and DSP Signal processors for use with Scintillation Detectors
  • Integrated Digital Workstation MCAs for use with  HPGe Detector systems
  • Portable Digital MCAs for HPGe and Scintillation Detectors








Special Features

DSPEC-50 Yes No Yes Ethernet/USB N/A 16k Single or dual MCA, PHA and List Mode, Zero Dead Time Corrections, Low Frequency Reject Filter
DSPEC-Pro Yes No Yes USB N/A 16k High Throughput Mode, Zero Dead Time Corrections, Low Frequency Reject Filter, LIST Mode Charge Trapping Correction
DSPEC-Jr. 2.0 Yes No Yes USB N/A 16k Low Frequency Reject Filter
DSPEC-LF Yes No Yes USB N/A 16k SMART-1 Compatible
DIGIDART Yes No Yes USB N/A 16k Small (*860 grams), Portable (>9 hour battery) Operated without PC, Holds 23 16k spectra
DIGIBASE Yes No Yes USB N/A 1k Powered by USB, PMT base form, HC supply included.
DIGIBASE-E Yes No Yes Ethernet 2.0 µs 2k PoE, single port injector provided, Synchronous operation, special gating options
EASY-MCA-2K No No No USB 2 <2.0µs 2k
EASY-MCA-8K No No No USB 2 <2.0 µs 8k
ASPEC-927 No Yes Yes USB <2.0 µs 16k Dual MCA, Zero Dead Time Correction
920E No Yes No Ethernet or USB 15µs 4k 16 input (Shared ADC)
928-MCB No Yes Yes USB 2 <2.0 µs 16k Zero Dead Time Correction
TRUMP-PCI-2K No No Yes PCI Card 8 µs 2k
TRUMP-PCI-8K No No Yes PCI Card 8 µs 8k

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