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ORTEC plays a crucial role in supporting government agencies and industries around the globe in securing and safeguarding nuclear and radioactive materials.  Whether potential acts of terrorism, nuclear accidents, or simple monitoring and control, ORTEC has the technologies and solutions to meet the evolving challenges of today and tomorrow.

Founded in 1960, ORTEC is an industry leader in developing HPGe (High Purity Germanium) technology based instrumentation and systems for gamma radiation detection and identification.  Combining this technology with advanced neutron detection capability, ORTEC delivers a comprehensive solution to meet the above challenges in interdiction, material safeguarding and nuclear accident response.

The precise choice of equipment to apply in a given situation depends on the nature of the perceived threat and the measures which are planned to adopt to combat that threat, also called the concept of operations or CONOPS. Learn more about CONOPS. . .

ORTEC offers the following solutions to Homeland Security needs:

 Detective-EX and Micro-Detective 

Hand Held Radioisotope Identifiers (RIIDS)

 NAISS Montage 

Gamma Ray Search Systems


Neutron Search and Evaluation Systems

Portal Double Wide  

High-Resolution Germanium Spectroscopic Portal Monitoring Systems

PINS system  

Chemical Weapon Assay Systems


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