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Experiments in Nuclear Science

ORTEC supports academic teaching laboratories across a wide range of disciplines: Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Radio-pharmacy. Specifically, ORTEC offers packaged experiments with accompanying scripts, which include tutorial information, experimental set-up instructions, methods and student exercises.

AN34 Teaching Experiments
The ORTEC AN34 Laboratory Manual offers a wide selection of pre-scripted teaching laboratory experiments for use in nuclear science undergraduate laboratories.

Two editions of experiments are offered. Third Edition experiments are based on the use of classic NIM modules. Newly developed Fourth Edition experiments combine both classic NIMs and new offerings including integrated and digital electronic products. The new "EASY-NIM" product suite is featured extensively in the AN34 Fourth Edition.

Experiment Equipment
The broad ORTEC range of nuclear instrumentation relating to radiation detection and spectroscopy includes: Radiation Detectors, Modular (NIM) Signal Processing Modules for pulse counting and fast timing, as well as modules and Digital Electronics for generalized Multichannel Analysis.

This modularity provides a cost-effective, re-configurable approach to teaching experiment instrumentation. For example, several experiments in the AN34 Laboratory Manual may be configured with little or no addition to the basic equipment: simply reconfigure what you already have!

Partnership and Support
ORTEC extends support through partnerships with teaching facilities in universities and other educational institutions to develop and advance, new pre-scripted experiments.

If you have developed teaching experiments employing ORTEC products, we would welcome the opportunity to include them on this site for others to use. We are happy to acknowledge the institution for the contribution of the experimental script, and to provide a link to the contributor's departmental website.

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