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Counting Laboratory Overview

Counting RoomNuclear counting laboratories or “counting rooms” are to be found in many facilities across the globe:

  • Nuclear industry
  • Research facilities
  • Environmental and health protection
  • Medical facilities such as nuclear medicine
  • Radiochemistry laboratories
  • Commercial counting laboratories
  • Emergency response vehicles
Counting laboratories differ!
  • Sample sizes: small, large, liquid, solid, filter paper based
  • Sample preparation: none, simple through to complex
  • Sample activity ranges: from low to high count rates
  • Count times: minutes to hours
  • Numbers of samples to count per day: a few to a few hundred
Measurements to be made in a counting laboratory.
Any, or all, of the following measurements may be made in a counting laboratory depending on the source of the samples.
  • Gamma Spectrometry 
  • Alpha Spectrometry 
  • Gross Alpha Beta Counting
  • Liquid Scintillation Counting
As a pioneer of the PC-Based spectroscopy approach since the beginning in the early 1980’s, ORTEC has continued to develop the concept of the spectroscopy workstation, based on application specific detector, hardware, and software operating on a personal computer, most often within a local or a wide-area network, under the ORTEC CONNECTIONS-32 spectroscopy architecture. ORTEC hardware and software components are configurable and designed for simple integration into turn-key counting laboratory solutions.
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