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Alpha Spectroscopy

Today’s alpha spectroscopist requires superior electronics, software, hardware, and procedures to produce high resolution spectra. To support this need, ORTEC offers charged particle detectors, multichannel analyzers (MCA), vacuum chambers, recoil contamination avoidance hardware, analytical software, or a complete turn-key integrated alpha spectroscopy system with multiple detectors.

For low background and high efficiency, start with ORTEC’s ULTRA series ion implanted silicon detectors. Then choose from a wide selection of MCA hardware for proper signal processing. Using ORTEC’s MAESTRO software, the spectral data can be viewed as it is being acquired, or stored for later evaluation.

Whether you have one detector or several hundred detectors, the AlphaVision software package makes sample management, data acquisition, and data processing simple. LIMS integration capability ensures reliable and consistent results that are free of transcription errors. AlphaVision also provides multi-parameter quality assurance to monitor detector performance and radiochemistry procedures.

To prevent recoil contamination from contaminating your low background detectors, ORTEC offers a Recoil Contamination Avoidance Package (RCAP).

ORTEC's time tested products for alpha spectroscopy, combined with a staff with decades of experience in the field of spectrometry, give ORTEC the capability to help you meet your spectrometry needs. So whether it’s nuclear power counting room, radiochemistry laboratory, continuous air monitoring (CAM) or research applications, ORTEC can provide you the right solution.



Alpha Ensemble Cabinets
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